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Road, trail and climbing areas report - May 19, 2019


Road, trail and climbing areas report - May 19, 2019

Of course Sinks has been good for recreation all winter. Climbers have enjoyed great weather most weekends on the sunny walls.  

Middle Fork trail to the falls continues to be a very popular hike. Always be aware of moose in the area when using this trail. We estimate snow line is somewhere between 8000 to 9000 feet.  

The Loop road is closed and will likely remain closed into June due to snow in the high country and the USFS’s resource protection mandate that governs when the roads will open. The switchbacks to the Worthen turnoff may open earlier, but no official word yet. 

Limestone Mountain Road is drivable to the snowdrifts that you will encounter either before the Aspen Glades or below main parking. Don’t park in the middle of the road!! The forest service may still need access with over the snow vehicles, so pull off to the side and be considerate.  

A few hardy and psyched climbers have enjoyed a few pitches at Wild Iris main wall and Aspen Glades, but it is still quite chilly up there and no camping sites are open yet. 

Wind River Range is buried in snow and if you are looking to get into the wilderness areas, you will most likely need skis or snowshoes to get anywhere. Boot packing would be a terrible endeavor in the current conditions above 9000 feet. We did have a couple of CDT hikers in the shop on their way north, so there are folks out there.  

Big Sandy trailhead is not accessible yet. Perhaps another 10 - 14 days without more snow, but it is snowing up there now. Don’t tear up the road as it could lead to the Forest Service keeping access closed longer in future years to protect the roads from unnecessary damage.

Dickinson Park is not accessible. Maybe early June if we get a great weather window.   Our friends at Diamond 4 Ranch are a great resource for current conditions in Dickinson park.

Trail Lakes and the Glacier trailhead is accessible and hiking to Lake Louise has been possible for a couple weeks.