Here are the latest reports on road, climbing and trail conditions around Lander.

  • Loop Road (Louis Lake Road) is open from Bruce's Parking to Worthen Reservoir.
    • It is possible to climb at Fossil Hill
  • From Highway 28 to Worthen is CLOSED, this includes Louis Lake.
  • Limestone Mountain Road is open. It is now possible to get to the Little Popo Agie crossing and Wolf Point/Wolf Pup Parking area.
  • Dickinson Park is accessible. The Bear's Ears Trail has large drifts still.
  • Climbing has been going on at Wild Iris for nearly 6 weeks. The recent rain storms have made a mess of the OK Corral road. Please use discretion before heading down it.
  • Big Sandy - No official word from the Forest Service yet. I imagine the trailhead is accessible and getting to Big Sandy Lake probably clear of snow but muddy. Beyond the lake there is still a lot of snow on Jack Ass Pass.