Here is a quick conditions and access update for climbing and hiking around Lander.

Sinks Canyon is in prime condition for Spring. Dry and warm. Climbing on Main Wall and Fairfield has been excellent so far this year. Camping is free at USFS Sinks Campground and USFS Hugh Ottie dispersed campground. Sinks Canyon State Park Popo Agie Camprground is open all year for a fee.

Wild Iris climbing, from whispers in the wind, is attainable. There is still snow drifts blocking both Aspen Glades and Main Parking. The beta is to drive as if you are going to Main parking and park at the switchback. Or along the edge of the road at the snow drift before Main parking. If you are going to Main wall, it is a closer walk to park at the switchback rather than up at the snow drift. You will still encounter drifts in the trees and in places along the wall. I imagine the Erratic and Remuda are probably buried in snow still. 

Beyond Wild Iris is still closed due to snow drifting the road. The USFS has the gate closed, so access to Little Popo Agie Canyon crags are closed until this gate is opened.

The Loop Road (Louis Lake Road) is still closed on both ends due to muddy and wet conditions. The USFS has the most current information on this, and all USFS roads, and can be contacted at 307-332-5460. There is a chance that Fossil Hill may be accessible around Memorial Day weekend depending on continued spring moisture.

Worthen Reservoir is still not accessible by vehicle. 

Middle Fork trail is accessible with some muddy conditions, especially as you gain elevation. I believe some folks recently boot-packed in until they could skin in to ski Wind River Peak.