The Patagonia Houdini is as astonishing as its name makes it sound.

"It Runs. It Rides. It Climbs. Be An Opportunist. Always Bring the Houdini."

If you are caught in the wind or a storm with precipitation of any kind, the Houdini will keep you protected and dry.

Weighing in at 3.6 ounces the Houdini brings a new concept to the idea of "windbreaker". You hear "windproof" and maybe you think of a heavy, multi-layer parka'. Although the Houdini is almost paper thin, Patagonia says "windproof" and they mean it.

Made of 100% ripstop Nylon, the Houdini is treated with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish to give you confidence when wearing. DWR doesn't make the Houdini waterproof, but it does make it unbelievably water resistant. A garment that we consider the perfect compromise for most of the year here in Lander. The fringe seasons of Spring and Fall can hurl a squall at you within minutes of the wind picking up. So maybe the threat of the squall isn't enough to convince you to take your hard shell along, but the Houdini gives you no excuse to leave it behind: again weighing just 3.6 ounces, it packs into its own pocket making it able to seem non-existent in the bottom of your bag, unnoticeable tied around your waist, or completely obscure clipped to your harness. As for the summer months, you always prepare for a quick storm when out and about in the afternoon anywhere near the Wind River Range. And of course the winter days when blustery and miserable are the only words that come to mind when thinking of the wind, the Houdini is the perfect added layer to keep the breeze from biting.

The minimalist Houdini is not devoid of details, you can be assured. A drawcord hem lets you cinch down when it's imperative you keep your core protected. The hood also features a drawcord to keep your range of vision optimal when conditions are so bad you need the protection. A detail sure to be appreciated by walker, runners, or bikers when the skies darken quicker than you would like, the chest and back logoing are reflective for your safety. Partial elastic cuffs help keep the sleeves in place and keep moisture out, because who doesn't hate water dripping down your arms?

Currently at the shop we have the Men's and Women's Houdini Hooded Jacket and Pants in stock. If you are interested in any other member of the Houdini Family, don't forget our Special Order Policy: we will order the item you want at no charge to you! This allows us to order multiple sizes or colors if you are not sure which one will work for you, so you can try them on and have a hands on experience with your product before purchasing.

Be an opportunist: do not fear the weather, do not inhibit yourself by missing out on opportunities not taken, With Patagonia's Iron Clad Guarantee, if you are ever not satisfied with your Houdini for any reason, bring it back to us at the shop and we'll take care of you.

Come try on the Houdini and you will surely be impressed when imagining its capabilities in your life!