Aspen Glade Rainbow Oct 2012

wildirisClimbing at Wild Iris is doable. Main parking isn't quite accessible, but Aspen Glade parking is accessible. Once it is possible to get to the OK Corral road, be wary of muddy conditions, potholes and the impact your driving on it may have. Expect snow drifts in the trees on the trails into the Five Ten wall or Cowboy Poetry wall. If you walk up to Rising from the Plains, then you can come in along the wall and avoid the ice crystal snow drift crossings. Remember, the weather at 9000 feet can change very quickly, so carry the necessary gear with you and be prepared. The most current guidebook is Steve Bechtel's Lander Rock Climb 2011 and is available here on this site, or in our shop at 166 Main Street in Lander. We mail order by phone as well, 307-332-4541.