Lander experiences so many sunny days per year that many locals often refer to the town as ‘sunny Lan Diego’.
— unknown

The topography in the Lander area offers an excellent outdoor classroom, and the National Outdoor Leadership School is headquartered here for that reason. Climbers have found the climate here in Lander to be agreeable for climbing year-round. In the winter, you can cross-country ski nearby and climb on the warm south facing cliffs of Sinks in the same day. Lander experiences so many sunny days per year that many locals often refer to the town as “sunny Lan Diego”. The mountain biking scene in the area is starting to develop, adding yet another opportunity for individuals who enjoy fresh air and beautiful scenery. Several day and multi-day hiking options exist in picturesque mountains and meadows, or out in the remote Great Divide Basin. Continental Divide Trail hikers often make a stop in Lander to relax and refuel before they head back out on the trail. Fishing for the elusive Golden Trout in the Wind Rivers is another popular summer activity among locals and visitors both. So, whether you are visiting for the first time, or making a return trip to the area, Wild Iris Mountain Sports is here to help you make the most out of your outdoor adventure.

The winter activities near Lander include snowshoeing, cross country skiing and backcountry alpine skiing in some of the most beautiful country. Travel by snowshoe, snowshoes can be rented at the shop for eight dollars a day, can take you into the Wind River Range on hiking trails covered by snow or across the high mountain deserts. By cross-country skiing you can cruise the groomed trails at Beaver Creek or the Lander Valley Golf Course, or venture into the mountains off the Loop Road or Togwotee pass. Backcountry opportunities are focused at Togowotee Pass highlighting Angle Mountain, Breccia Pass and Two Oceans.