wind and rattlesnakes

Wind and Rattlesnakes: The Birth of a Western Climbing Town is a documentary filmed by Kyle Duba. The hour-long journey Kyle masterfully guides us through in the film is filled with nostalgic interviews from iconic climbing legends to modest local Landerites contributing their point-of-view to how Lander has embraced the climbing culture through the last few decades. And if you are thinking this film is just a cast of characters speaking from a lounge chair in some coffee shop somewhere, think again, Kyle craftily included climbing footage that should make palms sweat. Wind and Rattlesnakes really captivates the audience through the stories and anecdotes as they are told by Amy Skinner-Underwood, Steve Bechtel, Paul Piana, Heidi Badaracco, Frank Dusl, BJ Tilden, Tom Rangitsch, Greg Collins, Vance White, Juan Laden and others. The radiant beauty of not only the cliffs that are being climbed, but the surroundings that meet these cliffs is made evident throughout this film. Rolling hills with wild flowers, green pastures and the mountainsides adorned with white snow all mix together to bring a sense of calm excitement to the viewer.

If you are wondering how the name Wind and Rattlesnakes was chosen for this film, be sure to pay attention when Amy Skinner-Underwood is speaking, and the secret will be revealed! This film and the story it tells is truly a pleasant journey. Well worth an hour of your time.

This film is dedicated to the Memory of Todd Skinner, Bobby Model, Pete Absolon and Jim Ratz.

This film was made possible by: The International Climbers' Festival, The National Outdoor Leadership School, The Todd Skinner Program, The Wyoming Humanities Council, and The Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund.

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