The latest arrivals at the shop are the Tenaya Climbing Shoes. Although we are getting our share of April Showers, we have our eyes on the horizon and we can see summer which means the heart of climbing season in Wyoming. If you find yourself needing (or wanting :) ) a new shoe, we can recommend giving Tenaya a shot. Professional climbing athlete Ethan Pringle, one of the keynote speakers from the 2015 International Climbers Fest here in Lander, wears Tenayas and last summer he had the second ever ascent of Jumbo Love a 5.15b (!) climb in California. So if you are questioning how viable Tenaya shoes are, I think it's safe to say they pass the test.

The Oasi: a performance shoe. A flexible midsole gives you comfort, a sweet edge gives you confidence. The 2014 Climbing Magazine Editor's Choice pick will get you through steep climbs with it's perfectly down turned toe.

The Iati: Tenaya's most aggressive model. With a stiff midsole and a fitted toe box, prepare yourself to step up your climbing game. The 2016 Climbing Magazine Editor's Choice pick is worth heading down to the shop and trying it on.

Both shoes are made of lined synthetic and natural leather meaning the size you try on is the size your shoe will stay-minimal stretching to assure you that the in-store fit won't be compromised. These shoes are well suited for the limestone and dolomite climbing prevalent in Wyoming and we think you'll be very happy to adopt a pair of these Tenayas for this climbing season. Come on down to the shop and we would be happy to help you get a feel for Tenaya Climbing Shoes and teach you about all the sweet details that these shoes have to win you over.