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Are you using the best chalk?

Hey there,

Keah and Kevin here, founders of FrictionLabs. The folks at Wild Iris Mountain Sports have been some of our biggest supporters and among the first shops in the country to carry our chalk. Many of you still might not know about us though, so here's our story:

"This is the first chalk I've used that was noticeably different than other brands - my hands were drier and I wasn't rechalking nearly as much."
- Climbing Magazine 2015 Gear Guide

You might be surprised to know that most brands sell the same chalk from the same factory. They put it in different packaging, give it a different name, and sell it. But with so many climbing companies dedicated to making the best gear - shoes, chalk bags, harnesses, ropes, pads, etc. - why had there never been a company dedicated to making better chalk? 

We started FrictionLabs to make the best chalk. We grew frustrated with the quality of other options, so we turned to science to engineer chalk for rock climbing success. Now our goal is to make sure all climbers have every bit of friction they need to conquer their challenges.

Today, our high performance chalk is the choice of the most successful climbers all over the world because they understand:

Chalk Matters

All climbing chalks say they are Magnesium Carbonate because it is best for absorbing moisture and keeping hands dry. However, we had an independent lab perform a blind test of our chalk, as well as other chalks, to see what they are made of.

The results:

“Chalk C, FrictionLabs, yields the highest Magnesium detection. Chalk C, FrictionLabs, also yields much lower counts for the other elements, hence is the most chemically pure.”
- Dr. Wesley Ingram Ph. D. Geology and Geochemistry Consultant
You put a lot of yourself into climbing. And you get the best results when you and your gear both perform as well as possible - not only to keep you safe, but also to push yourself and conquer your next challenge. As climbers ourselves, that other stuff just wasn't what we wanted between us and the hold.
Thankfully, unlike other climbing improvements that need a lot of money, time, or both, the best chalk on the planet is a much smaller investment and instantly improves friction for every climber.

Not only is the quality of chalk incredibly important, but we also know that climbers have different texture preferences. Some like it with more chunks, others prefer more powder. So we make our chalk in 3 distinct blends:

So that's our story. Now that you know what we're all about, go get some chalk at Wild Iris and experience the difference for yourself.

Don't know which blend you prefer? Find your perfect blend: try all three with a Sample Pack.
Do you know your texture preference already? Then stock up with a BIG 10oz bag of your favorite blend.

Many thanks again to Wild Iris and all of you. We're psyched to be part of the shop and we look forward to getting our chalk on your hands soon.

Keep crushing,

Keah and Kevin

FrictionLabs founders

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